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My name is Joana. I was born in the lovely and beautiful country of Portugal, I was raised in New Jersey, lived in Germany for six years and am now back in Portugal.

I originally started this blog to have a place for all of my geeky loves, but it quickly became a book blog. I am absolutely okay with that. I stuck with the name because I still want to occasionally have the option to deviate from books and talk of other things. I am a metal music fan, a video game lover, and an all around geeky person. I would love to make more geeky and bookish friends! So feel free to follow me on social media, or contact me through email.

I read A LOT. I am open to reviewing books, but please be aware that I reserve the right to decline any offers. I am currently still working towards my bachelors degree and I work as a freelance writer, so my time is limited. If a story does not interest me, I will decline it. If indeed I do take the time to read a novel for review, I will always be honest, if you are only looking for 5 star reviews, then move along as well. I will not lie, if I did not enjoy a story.


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